Dead March , Melodic Death Metal , Inherit The Poison, Serpent Awakening , Chained , Against The Ashes , Loss Of Man

"The Mask" signle
New Members
First EP is out!
Special thanks
New Single Track

We're pleased to announce that the first single track of our new line-up is now released.

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New Members

We proudly announce that two new member joined us as the main member of Dead March :
"Andrea Scimo" as drummer
"Kaveh Saadati" as bassist
For more info please check band members page.

Special Thanks

After two years, lastly this EP album has released and now, we really feel like we're done with this project.Here we must appreciate some of our precious friends that

Inherit The Poison is released!

After a long time, finally our first EP album "Inherit The Poison" is released which is available for free download and streaming.

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Official website is online