( Verse 1 )
every night the visions drown in
complexity of reality.
and the sorrow expands
as it pierce within my soul.
at the heart of deepest sands
the new wilderness grows.
the root of all feelings,
left unleashed and uncontroled.

( Chorus )
they'd hunts me down,
I'll never lose the lead.
my life is chained, until I bleed...
they'd slay me down
for no reason.
if they take my life away.
my soul is free, I don't obey.

( Verse 2 )
Illumination leaves me blinded
as I passed the darkness
prisoned by a heart,
that once has been torn apart.
possess the fake looming,
entice the fake adherent.
the legacy of their chaos,
leaves the death to inherit.

( Chorus )

( Interlude )
My hands are chained
throughout the time and space.
by the ones that eternally turn their face.
but I flyout of this viscous trace.
where there nothing rules but the human race.

(Change )
Die by my side,
something's wrong, nothing's right
Fail, prevail, are the same, while you obey . . .

( Verse 3 )
their stagnant minds
act as fire under liquids.
they hold me blind,
but so late I comprehend.
eyes has dared to stare
on what was banned to see
as the poison dissects
the blood from my soul.

( Chorus )